Zarooq Motors SandRacer

Desert SuperCar Made in UAE

"Ride the dunes and the road, in style"


First Production car built and assembled in the UAE, made for the toughest sand desert conditions, featuring superior power to weight, good comfort and stunning design.

"Zarooq" /  زاروق means Sand Racer in Emirati, it is the fastest snake in the desert.

Key features

A handbuilt racing chassis (1100kg car) with a rear-mid mounted V6 delivering 300hp, closed, with AC and road legal. 2 seater, RWD, 45cm suspension travel


Motorsport experts from the UAE and best in class international designers and engineers gathered to create the Zarooq SandRacer, a unique car for passionate drivers.

Full offering

We understand the passion for speed and the desert and therefore are also offering a single make championship, and a fully equiped sand circuit in Dubai


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