Supercars From The Desert

Zarooq Motors: First Emirati car manufacturer

Based in Dubai, Zarooq Motors is the first Emirati car manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in the UAE and Emirati management.


Zarooq" /  زاروق means Sand Racer in Emirati, it is the fastest snake in the desert.

The SandRacer: Racing Performance, Supercar design

The SandRacer is a supercar designed for the desert and the road , capable of riding dunes and tarmac, in style, with the distinctive performance and look of a striking supercar .


A racing tubular chassis (1300kg) built by GP engineers, with a rear-mid mounted V8 delivering 500hp, 2 seater, RWD, 45cm suspension travel and premium interior.

Team Excellence

Motorsport experts from the UAE and best in class international designers and engineers gathered to create the Zarooq SandRacer, a unique car for passionate drivers.

Beyond car manufacturing

We understand the passion for speed and the desert and therefore are also offering a single make championship, and a fully equiped sand circuit in Dubai

Zarooq Motors is inspired by the UAE: Off-Road, Racing Performance and Supercars

Mohammed Al Qadi



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