Best Sand Circuit in the world

We will  create an environment around the Zarooq, for this we are creating two complementing products:



1. UAE single make off-road championship featuring the Zarooq Sand Racer: Zarooq Cup
2. A multifunctional top-level sand circuit in Dubai  (for training, racing, corporate events and leisure (Arrive & Drive) where racers, corporates and tourists can drive the Zarooq Sand Racer.





A new landmark for Dubai as one can read دبئ from the sky, directly on the track 


Our track features superior safety equipement (like a road track) on the side of the road, ambulance on call, professional lighting ; sand is trated to avoid dust issues.


The sand circuit has all the amenities for corporate clients (from obviously superb and clean facilities to catering and meeting rooms).


Tourists are welcome as well, with trainings and "arrive and drive" products to discover the secrets of sand racing technique.

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