Zarooq Motor Sand Racer

Specs: SandRacer GT Turbo

  • Racing tubular chassis
  • 500 HP
  • 1200 kg
  • Racing Suspension - 450 mm travel
  • 3.5l V6 Intercooled Twin turbo
  • 5-speed racing sequential gearbox
  • Glass and Carbon fibre body
  • Racing Carbon fibre interior
  • Infotainment and A/C


It is a Racing Car at the core by its engine, its chassis, its transmission and its suspensions.

It is Off-Road at heart by its conception and deep roots in the sands of Arabia in the UAE.

It is a Supercar by its distinctively modern and cutting-edge body design and premium carbon fibre interior 

It is Bespoke as it is hand made to the specifications of discerning clients.



- Off-Road Racing preparation 

- Platinum preparation for a unique luxury experience 

- Carbon Fibre Body

- Bespoke services




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